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The New Year often inspires people to clean and organize. Tidy and organized homes and spaces help us to feel more motivated! We can’t forget to include our office spaces in our organizing. Below are a few ways to improve your commercial office space.

Assess your company culture needs and organize accordingly

Organize your workspace for collaboration. An open-concept layout that allows for common areas and has good storage for shared supplies and brainstorming sessions is good for effective teamwork. If you tend to like more privacy, look at modular office storage options that can be designed for specific employees’ needs.

Invest in a well-organized, relaxing break room

Creating a break room that is organized as well as stocked with essentials offers a reprieve from the busy workday. In addition, it allows space for eating and socializing. Make sure you have closed cabinets for kitchen storage with adequate counter space for food and drink prep. Open cubbies are a good idea for the items people share. Providing a refrigerator, microwave, and a table with a set of chairs supports team members by identifying a space for them to keep their meals and food in a designated area.

Use well-placed office furniture for essentials and storage

Organize your desk space (drawers, shelves, cabinets) for easy access to everyday office essentials. Cabinets behind the desk are a helpful addition to store extra supplies like printer paper and files.

Hide clutter with overhead cabinets

Overhead cabinets are a simple way to maintain the items you stock up on and keep office supplies within reach. In most commercial office and retail space, the more storage, the better.

Provide extra counter space and open shelving

Making sure you have room on counters and having shelving makes room for personalization. These are great areas to display photographs of family and friends, awards, art, etc.

Clean up your filing system

Keep things simple and avoid misplacing files by decluttering your filing system. Go through and get rid of files that are no longer needed. Go through each file and make sure they have what is needed in them and clean out unnecessary documents. Put your most important files and most used files front and center.

Digital decluttering

Now that your office space, desk, and files are neat and organized, it’s time to focus on getting organized digitally. If you find yourself lost in a sea of emails, notifications, and documents, then digital decluttering is a must. Take time and go through your digital files, placing them in appropriate places. Delete anything that you no longer need. Do the same in your inbox. Clearing your cache and cookies can also help improve your browsing experience. Lastly, make sure you do not forget to back up your files.

Know when to hire help or delegate

Organizing your commercial office space can feel like a big task and if it does not fit into your schedule, consider hiring someone to do it.  Professional organizers offer a variety of services to help people get organized. Sometimes the best thing to do is to hire and/or delegate the tasks needed so that you can continue doing the work you do best. No matter who does it, in the end, it will make you and your team more efficient.