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A Proactive Team of Experts

Teamwork is the foundation of our operation. Understanding the strength of bringing together a diverse range of expertise and professional backgrounds within the Seibold Group is one of our most valuable assets. Our Las Vegas-based practice brings together expertise in the title, escrow, real estate, law, operational management, and sales, allowing us to guide you through your transaction with the knowledge and expertise deserved.

Michele D. Seibold, ESQ
Diane Overton
Brandy Lake

What Sets Us Apart?

Going the extra mile is the way we do business, every single day. Our founder, Michele Seibold established herself as a leader in the industry from the earliest days of her career in escrow. Her reputation for exceptional communication and attention to detail are unmatched.


We believe proactive communication is not a nice-to-have, but essential to our commitment to being a customer-centric team. This means when you contact us, we will return your call and you will have one point of contact to streamline your transaction process.


There are many people with a seat at the table during commercial real estate transactions. We facilitate timelines to assist the principles to close within the parameters of their contractual obligations.


With commercial real estate transactions, sometimes the little things are the big things. Like knowing you can hand over the reins to a team of experts who will get the job done. If you need to talk, trusting your phone call will be answered promptly. Or having one point of contact to streamline the process. This is how we do business, every day.

Our National Presence Simplifies Your Transaction Processes