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Real Estate Transactions in Las Vegas, NV & Dallas, TX

Seibold Group serves Las Vegas, NV, and Dallas, TX as a group of expert National Escrow Officers. Real estate is a very complicated field, and we understand that you probably have a lot of questions about how we can help you.

If you’ve ever closed on a house, you know how complicated even a simple real estate transaction can become. Many people will bring in an escrow officer to ensure that things go correctly when you are closing an important real estate transaction. An escrow officer is a third party to the transaction that makes sure everything goes as smoothly.

Seibold Group coordinates with local title agents and underwriters to streamline the process of closing a real estate transaction. While title work typically takes place in the property’s local area, our team has a network of local title agents. Our relationships with them allow us to work on potential title objection letters, proformas, underwriting, and final policy insurance.

We function as a single contact for all issues during the closing of a real estate transaction. Funds will be distributed through our central office in Las Vegas unless the local rules governing the sale require us to release them through a local office. In that case, our team will work with the local office to ensure everyone does everything correctly.

Yes, it is common for clients to ask us to prepare closing documents. Many consider this one of our most essential services. Many states have different requirements when it comes to closing documents. We specialize in verifying the appropriate statutory forms that meet the state’s requirements where the property is located.

While Seibold Group serves Las Vegas, NV and Dallas, TX, we provide national commercial escrow services, which means we can close real estate transactions anywhere in the United States.

A cloud on a title is a discrepancy in the chain of title property. Clouds often arise because of a minor clerical issue, like a deceased individual whose name remains on the title after their death. These can easily cause unnecessary delays in the closing of a property. Here we share a little bit of our expertise in the area of clouds over titles.

Sometimes clients live in one state and are purchasing a property in another state. Other times, a client may be buying a group of properties located throughout several states. Either way, any situation involving multiple states’ laws requires much more attention than the typical closing. We’ve outlined some of the potential pitfalls we’ve experienced here.

Clouds on title (i.e., invalid claims left on a title from a previous transaction) can stall your commercial real estate deal worse than rush hour on the Strip. For example, I commonly see cases where the previous owner of a property has passed away, but their name hasn’t been removed from the title, creating a roadblock for a sale. Read more >

Whether you are looking to purchase commercial properties in many different states, or closing a simple deal with a seller across state lines, multi-state escrow closings can quickly become a frustrating. I find that even seasoned real estate investors face common challenges when closing commercial escrow in multiple states. Here are a few to watch out for. Read more >

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